Letters from Santas: November 2016

Do you know what keeps Santas Anonymous busy throughout the year? Follow our “Letters from Santas” series to learn more about the people at the heart of Santas Anonymous, and why we love what we do.

November’s guest writers

For 2016, Santas Anonymous has once again set a goal of providing Christmas Hampers for 1,500 families, and we’ll need everyone’s help to make it happen.

In this spirit, the November Letter from Santas comes from a local family who have supported Santas Anonymous for many years, and never expected to find themselves on the receiving end of a Christmas Hamper.

Our family has always had a tradition of picking a child from the CFAX Santas Anonymous tree at Hillside Mall. Our kids enjoyed the shopping, and we enjoyed teaching them about doing good things in our community.

When tragedy hit our family, I found myself without employment and our family was really struggling. The pressure of looking for work, dealing with grief, and having to plan Christmas for our other small children was almost too much to bear.

The knock on our door and a hamper full of presents for our kids could not have come at a better time for us. It was a helping hand at a time when it was needed most. My family and I will be forever grateful to the volunteers and the people in our community who generously gave that year and every other year.

Life takes unexpected turns, and you can never know where it takes you. One minute you are the one buying a gift off the tree, and the next you are receiving it. Either way, what Santas Anonymous means to us is community. We all need to look out for one another, and when one falls, we need to extend a helping hand.

For me and my family, CFAX Santas Anonymous is that helping hand.


The Family Next Door

Contact us to discuss how you can help this Christmas, or to a share a story of how CFAX Santas Anonymous Society made a difference in your life.

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