Thank You Notes: special-event volunteers

A group of firefighters answer phones during the Miracle on Broad Street radiothon

From 6am until 6pm, the phones at the Miracle on Broad Street radio-thon are answered by volunteers from businesses, community groups, and organizations such as the Professional Fire Fighters foundation

We’re celebrating National Volunteer Week with thank you notes! Check back throughout the week of April 11-15 for new messages from our team leaders to the volunteers with whom we work.

April 11, 2016

To our special-event volunteers:

I’m grateful for every single person who lends a hand at one of the many, many events that Santas Anonymous hosts or participates in over the course of the year. Whether you’re collecting toys in the freezing cold, handing cups of water to marathon runners on a hot day, answering the phones at a radio-thon, or giving up your evenings for weekly meetings, I’m grateful that you show up ready to work hard…and that you do it with a smile.

You see, we like to think of ourselves as a pretty friendly group at Santas Anonymous, and we want the world to know it! Every smile you bring to one of our events is another smile we show to our community, and another reason for people to believe in what we do.

Thank you for volunteering your time, your energy, and yes, your smiles.

Russell Wong

Communications and Special Events Coordinator

Russell Wong has volunteered with CFAX Santas Anonymous since 2013, and currently serves as the Society’s Communications and Special Events Coordinator. He works closely with a small team of volunteers who meet regularly to plan for upcoming events, schedule Santa Bear’s appearances, and manage social-media and web communications.

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